WHO are the RR&R Movement ?

Again within my purview, detachment only means. Giving space for more fresh air to breath. For every embodiment on the surface of Nature Mama, breaths the same air. Nevertheless, some expand to a more conducive climate and altitude. There are no symbols, riddles, allegories, comic superheroes or holograms, to represent Source at Level 3 and beyond. These are all conditions. And Movies, have become the New Church.

It is you and me creating bliss in unity consciousness and speaking a Galactic Light language. As our natural Telepathic Inner Technology is activated and fueled by Integrating Electromagnetic High Vibrational Frequencies. Rewiring our body template with new cellular constructs and brain feeds. That open the gateways to our heart conscious signatures to enter the only reality. Love Itself. 

The Resonance Revolutionary New Renaissance MOVEMENT, is the movement facilitated by Ascending Masters across the World destined to usher in the New Golden Era. The 7th Golden Age. In a very practical and comprehensible way for humans to gestate. Therefore, my Vision is to open Light Way-Stations to transform eon incarnations conditioning of lower vibrational 3D illusions. That encourage humans to embrace our Divine True Self Source Essence. 

   These fueling Way-stations are facilities positioned across the lands  Within urban, rural, municipal and community neighborhoods throughout the world. As the primary source of  Consumption for humans still alive  and ready to experience our Great Mother's suckling for a New Earth reality. Where society has overcome the prevailing darkness that has corrupted the harmony and free will of society at large. Wounded spirits who require healing and Energy Assistance to transform and activate our Mitochondrial/DNA laying dormant within our souls. Ascended Master Light Beings in Human Multiple Forms. As the New Avatars of Mama Gaia risen to catapult the world into The New Age of Aquarius. A Construct is based onthe Ancient Foundation of Maat Natural Cosmic Law of Unconditional Love. 

May seem like a monumental task yet I am not alone. For we are guided and nurtured through the downloads and transmissions of the primal waters from the Heart of our Great Cosmic Mother Isis/Auset. Also known by many names of Ancient cultural traditions. Who have mentored to my person in multiple human forms, that personify the nurturing support of the Great Cosmic Mother. In fact among many Mothering Mentors as to who I am in this current now.  Knowing there is only One of Us as Multidimensional Beings. I am confident I am up to the task. For We are Immortal.Perceived 3 Levels as a Model. Designed to introduce willing participants to our natural evolutionary process. That demonstrate our natural RISINGS of our innate birthright for living live in harmony again. In balance within ourselves and Nature Mother. Facilitating downloads of our Great Cosmic Mother. Who stands alone giving births to Universes through all of humanity. Facilitating humans as the Co Creators of the New Earth Reality. Beginning with Level 1, then 2, then 3. Bottoms up. From below, to above to as above so below.  For human evolution is a step by step spiraling divine process for one whose heart is opened. 

OF WOMAN & The Law of Maat
Love, Order and Balance
By  Abuna Hetep Ra
Curriculum Material for Workshops 
 Entitled: "Genderalism V's Feminism"     

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